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Friends of Polyphony,

I am writing to ask if you would help me help Polyphony finish raising our 2023 operating budget. 


Polyphony is making a difference in the lives of church musicians. This summer you may have seen the videos from Justin Addington, Sarah Hemberger, Ryan Heritage and Suzanne Ringer. Each one tells how Polyphony has encouraged and strengthened them.


Polyphony has not charged a membership fee nor placed our website content behind a paywall in the hope that our video content and blogs would be widely available to all who need these resources.


However, because of the strength and reputation of your music ministry, I want to ask if you would consider supporting Polphony’s work through an annual membership fee in the amount of $60.00. Perhaps you have funds remaining in your 2023 budget that would allow you to support us this year. 


To thank you for your support we will mail you a Polyphony logo water bottle!


You may give by credit card or by check:


1. To give by credit card:

Click on this link to give via our website


Be sure to select “Annual Membership” in the drop down window.

If you prefer to decline the water bottle, write in the memo: No water bottle.

When you give, type  in the memo box: Membership fee.

2. To give by check:

Make out a check to “Polyphony Music Resources” in the amount of $60.00. Mail the check to 727 Myrtle Drive, Rock Hill, South Carolina. 


Thank you so much in advance for your support.




Doug Haney

Executive Director

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