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The Polyphony annual gathering brings church musicians together to make connections, build community, share ideas and learn from one another and from leading voices in church music. Past gatherings have included both outstanding musicians and leading theologians.


Necessity is the mother of invention. The Polyphony Zoom calls were a response to provide a forum for support and ideas at the beginning of the pandemic when everything in worship and music was disrupted. Typically there is a time for gathering, a presentation on a relevant topic or resources or conversation in break-out rooms, and a concluding word of inspiration. 

Annual conference in a church or university setting

Past guest presenters include:

Sigrid Johnson, John Dickson, Daniel Bara, Alicia Walker, George Mason, Terry York

Fellowship, prayer, resource sharing

Guest presenters: Terre Johnson, Lynne Gackle, Charlotte Kroeker, M. Roger Holland II, Randall Bradley, Rozanna Goocey, Suzanne Ringer, Ryan Heritage

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